Big up for Brüggler!

One thing I love doing is discovering new watch brands, it reminds everyone that timepieces keep evolving and that even if we haven’t found the perfect timepiece yet, there is still a chance we can. That’s where Brüggler comes in.

You may have never heard of this watch company before but you’ll be excited to know that with Brüggler you’re the designer of your timepiece. Yes. That’s right! You are in control and free to let your imagination run wild and free to created your own bespoke swiss chronograph watch.

Bruggler Chronograph- Odinsgata

Brüggler is a family owned brand that’s less than a year old, it’s only a baby! I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful mind behind this whole concept, Katarina Brüggler. Katarina has come up with the idea to build a watch where the dial is namely the same but the appearance of the watch is entirely and completely up to you.

The possibilities of customisation are almost endless, everything down to the watch hands is customizable, the palette for the dial alone contains 27 different coulours the last time I saw it. And not only that, but you get to choose what materials you use for the watch straps.

For the time being everything is on the Brüggler website, if you visit the ‘Watch Creator’ page you can begin to have fun with creating your perfect watch. Here’s mine: brugglercust

The watch itself works on a Ronda quartz movement, the dial is 40 mm perfect for both men and women. The company also offers a 4 year warranty on your timepiece which I find very generous. Everything down to the warranty book and chronograph test results is specific to your own bruggler watch!


What is also awesome about Brüggler is that because your watch is bespoke there is extra time and care taken in making it for you, you also get delivered a special tool to change bracelets and straps at home which makes everyone feel involved in the process of making and bettering their watch!


Since it’s Christmas, perhaps it is the season to get a Brüggler watch and give it to your loved ones! particularly those who are difficult to buy for! let us know how you get on!!




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